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Displacer Type Level Switches

All controls have been designed using modular concept standard assemblies may be incorporated in a wide variety of arrangements to meet virtually any control application allowing maximum interchangeability of assemblies. SSIC unique engineering & manufacturing capability handles special process requirements promptly with-out long delays at an economical cost.


These switches have a displacer heavier than the liquid, which is suspended by a spring. When the liquid contacts the displacer, a buoyancy force is produced, which causes the effective weight of the displacer to change, this causes the spring to retract slightly to a new equilibrium position. When the spring retracts the attraction sleeve moves upward into the field of external 'u' magnet (thus overcoming the force of the bias spring & actuating the switching element).

  • Wide differential.
  • Low cost & easy maintenance.
  • Unaffected by liquid agitation.
  • External adjustment range.
  • Choice of switches - Micro Switch / Mercury Switch / Reed Switch.

For wide switching differentials & higher pressure ratings. Used where traditional float operated units cannot work.


Type : Displacement Type Level Switch
Working Principle : Attraction
Material of Construction for Displacer & Wetted Parts : AISI 304 SS / AISI 304 SSL / AISI 316 SS / AISI 316 SSL / PVC / Polypropylene / Teflon / Ebonite etc.
Switch Cover : Cast Aluminum, Weatherproof As per IP – 55 / 65 / 66 / 67 AnticorrosivePainted
Process Connection : Flanged 2” to 6” As per ANSI, DIN, JIS, BS, IS Standard or 2” Screwed

Signalisation : Micro Switch / Mercury Switch / Reed Switch.
Contact Form : 1 NO + 1 NC, 2 NO + 2 NC
Contact Rating : 5A, 230V AC. 5A, 110V AC, 0.25A, 220V DC. 1A, 110V DC, 10A, 240V DC.
Electrical Connection : ¾” ET / ½” NPT / ¾” NPT / 1” NPT, etc.
On – Off Differential : 25 ± 5 mm, 45 ± 5 mm, 60 ± 5 mm or Adjustable.
Repeatability : ± 0.5 % FSR
Accuracy : ± 0.5 % FSR
Set Point : Adjustable
No. of Displacer : Single, Double, Triple & Quadruple
Max. Signalisation Height : 50 mtrs.
Max. Working Pressure : 100 Kg / cm²
Max. Working Temperature : 400°C
Specific Gravity : 0.55 to 1.55

Switch Cover : Cast Aluminum Alloy LM-6 Approved by ERTL (E) for Group IIC Gases As per IS: 2148 & Weatherproof to IP-66 As per IS: 13947.

  • External Chamber - CS, MSRL, SS, PVC, PPE, etc.
  • Stilling Pipes – GI, CS, SS, HDPE, PVC, etc.
  • Radiating Fins for High Temperature Application.
  • Higher Differential
  • IBR
  • Special Models on Request.